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  • 7e8a6bc1-3f4c-4602-95c8-b7d2f6a6dbf0.jpeg
    Rihanna is my idol
  • f8636d3a-42d5-415a-9686-79f25b8a87a2.jpeg
    Love My Dress
  • 1f71aade-8445-4afc-b0b6-5b2dc206e99e.jpeg
    Me with Tango Lipstick
  • 0ede4558-9ef9-430a-9f9f-f66134bb14ab.jpeg
  • 64d5f4eb-188b-4958-9d03-af2feeccce48.jpeg
    My other outfit
  • 2813b567-8789-405a-a78d-1772fe6609cb.jpeg
    Rate this!
  • d077e7bf-28fb-4c9c-b214-39e2ed378d27.jpeg
    Popcorn Chefs
  • 4525c11a-6a6a-4888-a6ab-aea9cf3160f9.jpeg
    Couple Wear
  • fdde24fc-d302-4b1b-9fd7-31e118f0d4a8.png
    costumes for dance
  • 8c9f52eb-2a3c-486a-b9f2-dca774231551.jpeg
    new dress! :)
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