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What if he is a good writer but has no friends? Or, if you are correct Nietzsche, what if a good writer has the spirit of friends who speak, write and think using incomprehensibly dense, obscure and tiresomely archaic prose to conceal that, basically, they have nothing to say other than "I am Bipolar and manic as f**k!"? Is that your excuse? Also, you say 'his'? Is your wonderful observation not applicable to wonderful female writers?
Sorry, I am such a physical mong that I clicked the wrong vote button.
Holy S**t, that is too cute!
'.....the moments up to my Father's....'.
Know, the hardest thing, old Alb, is to understand how a man, busy with science such as yourself, becomes associated with every vaguely witty sounding and apparently intelligent - but actually stupid - quote ever uttered, written or conceived. .
What, so I shouldn't fear being tortured to death, for example, but I should, as a hypothetical living being, fear the moment after my Father's semen enters my mother's egg? Too late!
Yeah, such as the electromagnetic force at sub optical frequencies. You can experience this by living long enough to feel it whilst sticking your fingers in the mains.
Yeah! Such as the bit on Niagra falls where there is no path. I don't know why there is no path there. Yeah, go there, fall over the side to your death but remember and leave a trail!
Yeah John! Safe for a diversity of views such as the difference between a rogue states desire for, say, nuclear obliteration of the western world and a sensible opinion such as wars only in self-defence? Hang on, are these not incompatible somehow? Oh well, try again JOhn FK you!

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    Reject 70's Porn star 'tache