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    Mila Kunis Has Heterochromia: Two Eye Color
ever since i was little i was told my eyes were blue, my boyfriend told me they dont look like blue they look green in some light and grey in other light with a tint of amber. looked closely at my eyes tonight and they are the exact same shade and colouring as yours. i think its pretty rare but people call it hazel. but to me what i see in my own eyes is a dark grey circle on the outside then a bluey light grey shade in the middle then an amber/green shade next to the pupil. i have read these so called personality meanings for all eye colours and i have traits for the blue eyes, traits for the green eyes, traits for the grey eyes. not found any traits under the amber colour yet. but i reckon we have multiple traits to match our multiple eye colour and we are our own unique special person.

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    dreamy eyes
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  • Light blue eyes
    Light blue eyes
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  • Beautiful eyes of a baby
    Beautiful eyes of a baby
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    Macro shot of left eye
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