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The No.1 with Villain looks
  • Tony Blair
    Tony Blair
  • Ben Kingsley
    Ben Kingsley
  • Karolos Papoulias
    Karolos Papoulias
  • Giovanni Ribisi
    Giovanni Ribisi
  • Benjamin Netanyahu
    Benjamin Netanyahu
  • Gerard Butler
    Gerard Butler
  • Hugh Laurie
    Hugh Laurie
  • Kevin Spacey
    Kevin Spacey
  • Bashar al-Assad
    Bashar al-Assad
  • Silvio berlusconi
    Silvio berlusconi
He is the one...

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Who has the most Villain looks?? You look at him and you say - he is a Villain !
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  • Paris Hilton
    Paris Hilton
    22 votes
  • Bill Gates
    Bill Gates
    18 votes
  • Nicole Kidman
    Nicole Kidman
    13 votes
  • Seth Rogen
    Seth Rogen
    11 votes
  • Akashdeep Saigal
    Akashdeep Saigal
    9 votes

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